Ray Rice Tries To Apologize For Elevator Incident, Fails Miserably

By Andrew Fisher
Ray Rice
Getty Images

The idea behind Ray Rice and his wife holding a press conference was good — to put the infamous elevator incident behind the RB and the Baltimore Ravens. But things don’t always go as planned.

This particular press conference could have gone as planned, if it weren’t for some poorly chosen words by Rice:

There was also this gem:

Really? He used the get knocked down analogy? C’mon man.

One way or another, this incident is behind Rice and the Ravens now. He won’t be charged, and now he’ll await a ruling from the NFL. You’d have to think he’ll be suspended, but it’s hard to see it being for more than four games considering that he won’t be charged with a crime.

The NFL needs to send Rice a message. He must pay for this incident on some level, no matter what really happened. People have seen the video of him dragging his wife’s lifeless body, which is something that’s just not acceptable. She may have played a role in allegedly getting knocked out, but it’s highly unlikely she knocked herself unconscious.

Ray Rice and the Ravens tried to put a bandage on this situation, but now everyone involved looks worse. Only time will help them.

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