The Saga of Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel has Just Begun

By Ronnie Hampston
Johnny Manziel
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Since being an overnight star at Texas A&M University, Johnny Manziel has been one of the most popular athletes in this era of sports. Manziel gained notoriety after he won the Heisman Trophy and enhanced his popularity with his larger than life persona off the field. From throwing touchdowns to hanging with LeBron James, Wale or Drake, Manziel was seen out with the stars on a frequent basis.

Manziel was recently selected 22nd in the first round of the NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns. Since being drafted by the Browns, the organization has had a tight grip on the young vibrant star to be. The Browns have not had a player with Manziel’s off the field persona in a very long time. The team will garner more headlines due to their rookie quarterback. All won’t be positive, and some news may even be controversial. No matter how much the Browns conceal Manziel, he will always be a story within the media.

A frivolous lawsuit was filed against Manziel in which a federal court in Florida reported Manziel sexually harassed a woman, and she is seeking $25 million for emotional distress. When reading the report it’s pretty obvious that it is a joke, but things like this come with the territory drafting a player with the star power of Manziel.

The jury is still out on Manziel as a NFL QB, and as long as he produces on the field there is nothing that anyone can hold against him. The Saga of “Johnny Football” has begun in Cleveland, and it will be nothing like what Browns fans have seen before.

Browns fans will adore Manziel if he delivers, and if he doesn’t he will be just be the 20th name on a long list of Browns QBs to have failed since their return to Cleveland.

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