Denver Broncos' T.J. Ward Threw Glass At Bartender According To Court Docs

By RantSports Staff
T.J. Ward
Getty Images

NFL stars have been in the news for all the wrong reasons this week. Aldon Smith pleaded no contest to a plethora of gun and OWI-related charges, Ray Rice stumbled through an apology for dragging his unconscious wife out of an elevator, Jim Irsay received two misdemeanor charges from his infamous pill bust, and now T.J. Ward has entered the mix by allegedly throwing a glass at a bartender after he was told he couldn’t bring his drink into a club.

According to court documents the Denver Broncos defensive back picked “up a glass mug that is sitting on the bar and tosses/throws the glass mug at her. The male then walks away.”

All of this allegedly went down at 2:40 AM on May 10th at place called ‘PT’s All Nude Club’ in Denver.

Ward is now due in court on June 23rd and will face a misdemeanor charges of assault and disturbing the peace.

In other words, Ward was acting the opposite of classy. Going to a strip club is no big deal for an adult male. Drinking an alcoholic beverage or two is no big deal. But throwing a glass mug at a bartender is a big deal. You just don’t do that.

This case will now likely become a matter of what kind of reduced charges Ward will get in his plea deal and what kind of slap on the wrist he’ll receive from the NFL. Everybody knows that stars don’t get the book thrown at them.

Anyone else tired of NFL players acting like a bunch of amateurs?

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