Is Alex Smith Worth the Potentially Huge Payday Coming His Way?

By Jeff Smith
Alex Smith Contract Negotiations
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Originally, I read a rumor about Alex Smith getting paid more than Tom Brady does per year (a little under $12 million for those who are curious) with his new contract. When I read it, I thought it was a bit much, but then I thought about it a bit more, and researched it a bit more. We all know about the massive contract that Sam Bradford received, which pays him about $13 million per year, and yes, Smith deserves more than that. So what is he looking for?

Apparently Smith’s agents have been looking for a deal in the range of $14-17 million per year, which is something that’s not only very realistic, but it’s not asking for too much either. Smith has shown that he really can manage a game, and make some key plays in games when needed. Obviously last season the Kansas City Chiefs didn’t have the toughest schedule, getting multiple back-up quarterbacks and six teams who had six wins or less in 2013, but they still started 9-0 and Smith threw for 23 touchdowns, rushed for 431 yards and a touchdown and consistently stepped up for them.

Many will look at the tough playoff loss against the Indianapolis Colts and let that sway their opinion, but this team relied heavily on the running game and their defense, not asking much of Smith. When that game took a turn and they asked EVERYTHING of Smith, it was tough to force a complete 180.

Regardless, Smith is going to be paid $14-17 million somewhere, especially if he has another strong season like he did last year. I actually believe that Smith will have an even better 2014 season since they have a tougher schedule and will find themselves having to pass much more than last season.

When looking at other NFL quarterback contracts, you’ll find many around the $18 million per year range, such as Jay Cutler, Tony Romo, Joe Flacco and Matthew Stafford. The important thing to remember is, just because Smith isn’t asked to throw the ball 600+ times like those other quarterbacks usually are, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t deserve a big-time contract.

It may be time to stop disrespecting Smith and give him a payday, as well as some job security and comfort with the situation that he’s in. Being with Andy Reid in Kansas City is an excellent situation, by the way.

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