Minnesota Vikings Will Surpass 2014 Vegas Win Projection

By Andrew Fisher
Minnesota Vikings
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2013 was a rough season for the Minnesota Vikings. Winning five games is always going to be brutal, especially coming off a playoff campaign the season prior. Fans watched the Vikings regress in 2013, and it certainly wasn’t pretty. Minnesota’s defense was awful at times, while the QB situation was just dreadful.

But after many changes and acquisitions this offseason things will be different in 2014, right? According to the Vegas oddsmakers — not really.

Vegas has the Vikes pegged for six wins this season, just one win above their total from last season. So according to Vegas — new coaches, several key free agent additions, solid draft picks and a possible franchise QB equals just one more win. That’s just hard to buy.

No one is saying that Minnesota will turn things around in a big way this season. It’s possible, as fans saw from 2011-2012, but not likely. But to project just a one game improvement is certainly a slap in the face to GM Rick Spielman and the rest of the folks who have helped to put a much better roster in place.

To be fair to Vegas, if the Vikings don’t get more consistent play from the QB position, then the six win total could be accurate. But is there anyone who thinks that the team will go down the same path it did last season? Norv Turner is not going to play QB musical chairs. Matt Cassel will likely start the season and if things don’t go well, he’ll make a call to the pen and bring in Teddy Bridgewater.

I just don’t see Turner or Mike Zimmer being undecided on who’s going to play at QB each week like the staff last year was. That alone could earn the Vikes another win or two in 2014.

There’s lots of work to be done up North. The Vikings play in a competitive division and right now they have a lot more questions than answers. But I’m not buying all the changes made will only equal one more win. At the same time, I don’t necessarily buy them getting back to the postseason.

Minnesota Vikings 2014 Win Total Projection – 8


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