Tom Brady Says He Feels Better Than Age 25; How Many Years Left?

By Andrew Fisher
Tom Brady
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Believe it or not, Tom Brady has been the New England Patriots starting quarterback for 13 years now. It seems like only a few years since he led the Pats on an improbable Super Bowl run over the St. Louis Rams, but it’s now actually been nearly 10 years since he won his last Super Bowl. But don’t fear New England fans, Brady says he still feels great:

“It’s hard to explain this to people, but the commitment I make, in terms of keeping my body in shape and my nutrition right, should make me healthy. I feel better today than when I was 25, and I know that’s hard for people to believe, but I do. I work at it. Basically, I work all off-season to prepare my body to not get hurt. I can’t help the team if I’m on the sidelines. I’ve got to be durable,” the QB told SI.

Brady also added this gem: “You know, you don’t have to suck when you get older.”

So at nearly 37-years of age — how many years does the QB have left in him?

At his current pace, which is still pretty torrid, it’s hard to see him hanging it up anytime over the next three years. While his TD numbers were down in 2013 by his standards (25), Brady has still easily thrown for 4,000 yards and led his team to the AFC title game each of the past three seasons.

Even though he hasn’t won a SB in nearly a decade, he’s had the Pats back twice and been this close to that elusive fourth ring.

Long story short — there are no indications that the famous QB is slowing down. He’s a guy who looks like he’ll be able to play well into his 40s, especially given that his partner in crime is still right by his side.

The New England Patriots aren’t going anywhere. They’ll still be at the top of the AFC each season as long as Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are still running the show.

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