Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Could Ryan Mallett and LaMichael James Fit In?

By Jeff Smith
Dallas Cowboys Trade Rumors
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It’s interesting that the trade rumors are flying post-NFL Draft, but that they aren’t related to the linebacker position for the Dallas Cowboys. Even after the team lost Sean Lee for the season with a torn ACL, we’ve heard the rumors that they are looking to either sign a free agent, or use the “promote from within” method.

The trade rumors? Well, those are about some key positions, including quarterback and running back.

The two key rumors that I’m hearing relate to quarterback Ryan Mallett from the New England Patriots and RB LaMichael James of the San Francisco 49ers. Both of these players have been linked to the Cowboys, and when it’s rumors like this that come out of nowhere, you have to assume that there’s a reason for them.

Let’s start with Mallett. First off, we all know that Tony Romo isn’t getting younger, even though he likely has multiple years left in him. The team also brought in Brandon Weeden, and are apparently still believing that Kyle Orton is going to be coming back. So why would the rumor be out there? Well, for starters, it’s because Orton is likely going to retire, and having a strong backup with potential like Mallett would be nice to have.

Mallett could also possibly be a part of the Cowboys’ future. He’s had multiple years to learn under Tom Brady, and could have a few additional years to learn under Romo as well. It’s not a bad idea to trade for Mallett if they don’t have to give up too much.

As for James, I don’t see why or how this happens. I understand why the 49ers would be looking to trade James after drafting Carlos Hyde, having Frank Gore and also still having the talented Marcus Lattimore. James seems to be the odd man out, but I don’t see how he fits in Dallas.

The Cowboys not only have DeMarco Murray and Lance Dunbar, but they signed Ryan Williams who they obviously like, and they still have Joseph Randle on the roster. The Cowboys look to be more focused on finding which running back won’t make it, and not looking at adding additional backs. I’m not seeing the link between James and the Cowboys, and would be shocked to see him land in Dallas.

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