Detroit Lions' Offense Struggling In OTAs

By Chris Loud
Detroit Lions Rookie Minicamp
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The Detroit Lions made significant offseason moves to improve upon an offense that already had the talent to be one of the best in the league. Despite the great numbers they’ve put up in the past, the offense still had several fist-to-head pounding issues including dropped passes, penalties, and an inability to score in the red zone. So far, the offense has a long way to go still.

According to reports coming out of the Lions’ OTAs this week, the team’s receivers are not looking great. Dropped passes are once again an issue, with new pickup Golden Tate already showing his main weakness. Tate had a bad drop ratio last season despite his stellar numbers for the Seattle Seahawks. Also, Reggie Bush has been struggling with drops.

Calvin Johnson apparently didn’t come out amazingly either, but nobody should be worrying about Megatron. Rookie Eric Ebron seems to be one of the main focuses, and coaches believe he’ll have an impact on the offense right away. Ryan Broyles, who should be at least a pair of reliable hands, could find his way onto the field if he can manage to stay healthy, which he hasn’t throughout his entire career.

Matthew Stafford has been working on some new footwork, and obviously timing is going to be off at first, but with so much riding on this quarterback and receiving crew, it would be nice to at least have the receivers catch the ball when it hits their hands. That’s all the team is asking for from these guys. Well, that’s not true at all, but let’s start with that.

As Stafford put it, he’s not learning to “salsa dance”. It’s still basic quarterback drills, just with tweaked footwork to fit better with the new style offense. Basically, with more receiving options on the field, Stafford needs to be able to rotate through his progressions quickly and get lined up efficiently to throw accurately.

Hopefully some positive news comes out of the offensive side during the rest of OTAs, so Detroit fans can get back to what they do best – worrying about the Lions’ defense.

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