Jim Kelly Greeted By Family and Friends After Completing Radiation Therapy

By RantSports Staff
Jim Kelly

The sports world has been following the story of Jim Kelly very closely over the past couple of months. The Buffalo Bills great and NFL hall-of-famer has been battling aggressive cancer in his head/jaw area. But after many nights in the hospital and many hard days, Kelly is done with his radiation therapy.

Check out this emotional video:

If that doesn’t make you break down a little, it’s tough to say what will. Kelly had to fight hard to get every one of those words out, and you know it pained him. But hearing his thoughts on battling cancer should inspire us all on some level.

As for Kelly’s former team, it’s currently in the process of being sold after the passing of Ralph Wilson. The HOF QB has been very outspoken about keeping the team in Buffalo, and some of the potential new owners have been doing the same thing.

Donald Trump is probably the most notable person in the mix to buy the Bills, and he’s made it clear he won’t move the team. Feelings are no doubt mixed when it comes to a polarizing figure like Trump owning the team, but it appears he’d run the franchise the right way if he’s able to obtain it.

Hopefully Kelly can get back to full health in the near future and have some sort of role with the Bills. He’s still the face of the franchise after all these years, and it’d be great to see him back officially involved on some level.


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