Kansas City Chiefs Rumors: Alex Smith Asking For Too Much Money

By RantSports Staff
Alex Smith
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Alex Smith is going into the final year of his contract, which usually makes for an interesting situation. It’s rare in today’s sports world when two sides completely agree on a new contract and move on with their business. It appears the Kansas City Chiefs and Smith are having some disagreements on the amount of the QB’s new contract.

So there you have it, Smith thinks he’s a top-tier NFL QB. Is there anyone besides him and his agent who feels that way?

His current deal that’s set to expire at season’s end is worth $7.5 million in base salary this year. $7.5 million per to $18 million is a big jump. Especially, when he hasn’t really done anything to earn a raise of that size.

Is the Chiefs signal-caller due a pay increase? Sure. But there’s just nothing about his play on the field that says top-tier. The term you most often hear associated with Smith is ‘game manager’. It’s not entirely fair to slap him with that label, but at the same time, he’s always fallen into that category in his career for a reason — average numbers. He’s a really good game manger, but it’s hard to say he’s much more than that.

Perhaps this disagreement over money will stall talks until after the season? If Smith isn’t willing to budge, it’s hard to see the Chiefs paying him close to what he wants. You’d think he’ll have to come down several million per if something is going to get worked out anytime soon.

If that doesn’t happen, Smith’s future in KC could very well be in question.

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