Breaking Down Miscommunicated New York Jets' QB Competition

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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What quarterback gives you the best chance to win football games? Is it Geno Smith? Would it be Michael Vick instead due to his experience? These past few weeks the New York Jets have been rather confusing when it comes to the quarterback situation. First and foremost, Vick said that he’s embracing a backup role since Smith is definitely going to be starting come Week 1 of the regular season. Then Smith said that he’s going into training camp as an underdog and that he must prove he’s a capable starter since he knows Vick is waiting in the shadows for an opportunity. Finally and most recently, head coach Rex Ryan said that there is “absolutely” a quarterback competition.

So what gives?

It seems that the Jets need to have a sit-down with everyone to clear up any confusion, because at the current state that it’s in, nobody really knows what’s going on. That’s not a good sign as organized team activities are underway and you want everyone to know exactly what they need to focus on. Miscommunication only causes distractions which is a recipe for poor results. One would think the Jets learned from the Mark SanchezTim Tebow debacle because this could cause quite the frenzy in the Big Apple. The last thing you need is a war between two quarterbacks and having the fans chime in because the leaders don’t know which direction to go.

What direction should the Jets go in? Whichever quarterback they crown as starter should be announced the moment it’s known. It’s easy when you look at all the facts and history of what a great veteran backup can do for a young athlete looking for as much help as possible. The Jets don’t need to win now like most say they should. Sure, it would be nice to go back to the playoffs, but the big picture in the future could be in jeopardy if this gets too out of hand. Vick was brought in for just one year and will most likely retire a Jet after an interesting career in the NFL.

In an ideal situation, Vick should be starting for the Jets and give Smith as much time on the sideline with a clipboard as possible. That way Smith can learn in a way that doesn’t involve a ton of pressure and can understand playing effective football without being thrown to the fire like he was last season. Vick absolutely gives the Jets the best possible chance to win plenty of games this season as he has more upside than Smith currently does.

The bottom line is Vick was brought in to mentor Smith even though he was not guaranteed a starting spot. It’s a humbling experience to go in as a teacher to help a student be great for the rest of his career. The breakdown here is that the Jets need to stick to one concise message of exactly what direction they are going in with quarterback. They need to figure it out immediately to put all of this to rest and focus on the big picture — the evolution of Geno Smith thanks to Michael Vick’s teachings.

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