Donald Trump Has Zero Chance Of Owning The Buffalo Bills

By Matt Banks
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Donald Trump is one of the most polarizing figures to ever live. Trump’s brash, cut throat, business-first mentality, has made him a lot of money. Now he wants to use his millions to make a run at buying the Buffalo Bills. His shameless self-promotion and narcissism might fly in the entertainment world, but it would make him public enemy number one in the NFL.

Let’s just delve into why Trump wouldn’t be welcome by the other owners and the fans.

“The Donald” already has a poor track record when it comes to the business of football. He owned the New Jersey Generals of the USFL, before he single-handedly killed the league.

Trump spent money like it was going out of style. He had no real interest in a successful team. He just wanted to sign high-profile players to put butts in the seats and dollars in his pocket.

His worst idea was to get in a litigious battle with the NFL. He filed an antitrust lawsuit against the league, claiming that they were operating a monopoly. He took the bull by the horns and made himself the voice of the USFL. Others were trying to talk sense into him, but Trump filibustered himself into a spokesman role for the league, talking louder and longer than anyone else.

For those interested, he actually won the suit, however, it only required the NFL to pay $3.00 to the USFL, effectively bankrupting the league.

To this day, Trump will not admit he failed as an owner, citing the fact that he won the lawsuit.

Is that the type of owner the city of Buffalo and NFL wants?

Someone who makes illogical decisions with no integrity, or accountability for his poor decision making?

If that isn’t enough, Trump has his dirty hands in too many cookie jars. He’s involved in TV, real estate, trying to run for presidency in 2016…shutter.

Let’s not forget the biggest job of all, managing his massive ego. Duties include taking shots at president Barack Obama, epic Twitter battles with Rosie O’Donnell, and convincing everybody that thing on the top of his head, which he calls hair, is actually real.

Did he forget the NFL already has an owner in Jerry Jones, who has no regard for the salary-cap and can’t keep his mouth shut?

Trump only has two things going his way in this situation, money and the fact that he wants to keep the team in Buffalo. Unfortunately for him, there will be other suitors that have plenty of cash and have no intention of moving the team.

The best news for the NFL, its fans, and frankly humanity, is that Trump would have to be voted in by the owners. He would have to gain 24 out of 32 votes to get in, and I don’t think anybody sees anything like that happening.

Donald can buy new suits, buildings, and likely his own country, but buying an NFL team requires at least a majority of important people to like him. That’s simply something he’s never had and likely never will.

The NFL doesn’t need “The Donald,” as much as he would lead us to believe. The league needs men willing to sacrifice themselves to promote the team, the city, and the league, not sacrifice all of those things for their own fame and fortune.

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