Washington Redskins Make Poor Decision To Call Out Senator On Twitter

By RantSports Staff
 Washington Redskins
Geoff Burke-USA Today Sports

No one has ever accused the Washington Redskins of being too smart for their own good. With a mounting group of people calling for the team to change its nickname, the Redskins’ social media coordinators went on the offensive Thursday via Twitter.


As you would imagine, this strategy from the Redskins’ social media team didn’t exactly pan out. The most common responses to the tweet were fans asking if the team was kidding.

This is a case of — why open your mouth in the first place? Who thought this was a good idea? Even the most hardcore Washington fans aren’t exactly proud of the team’s nickname. Just because they don’t speak out against it, doesn’t mean they like it or will tell a Senator that he’s wrong for wanting to change it.

It’s getting to the point where the nickname is embarrassing. More and more people want it changed and the more the team publicly fights it, the worse things are going to get. At some point you’d have to think Daniel Snyder and company will realize that they’re fighting a battle they can’t win.

In today’s era of everything being PC, there’s just no way the Redskins will be around much longer. It may not be for another couple of years, but at some point the pressure from the public will be too much for those in charge to ignore.

Or they’ll just put off changing it until they start losing money. That always seems to put things in motion.

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