Indianapolis Colts Should Get Boost With Rob Chudzinski On Coaching Staff

By Chris Pimentel
Indianapolis Colts, Rob Chudzinski
Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

After the embarrassing firing of former Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski, the Indianapolis Colts, and more specifically Chuck Pagano, decided to add him to the staff. Chudzinski has an offensive background and has worked with players such as Cam Newton and was even able to elevate Brian Hoyer to decent starter status last year. This appears to be a good smart move for the Colts. There seems to be a clear indication that Chudzinski will report to offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton and he will have a final say on the offensive game plan from a week-to-week standpoint.

The place where I see Chudzinski making the biggest impact is at the tight end position. He has worked in San Diego to help groom Antonio Gates, and last year he managed to turn Jordan Cameron into a quality tight end. With the likes of Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen on the roster, those players should be expected to grow in their third years. Also Erik Swoope could benefit from Chudzinski’s presence considering he has never played a down of football before OTAs.

In Cleveland, Chudzinski worked with running back Trent Richardson and he knows what he is capable of. After the Colts invested a first-round pick into the former Brown, they better find a way to make him useful in that offense.

The Colts have more depth and talent at the skill positions than the Browns did last year, and with the obvious upgrade at quarterback the Colts should be in fine shape from an offensive point of view. The Colts invested heavily in the tight end position, and with Chudzinski’s background of helping tight ends this seems like a match made in heaven.

The only way this can go south is if Pagano starts to listen to Chudzinski more than Hamilton; that can create tension within the staff. But Pagano seems like a professional, and I don’t think that the Colts would hire Chudzinski without at least letting Hamilton have a word in it. The addition of Chudzinski within the coaching staff appears for now to be a smart move that can help this Colts team.

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