New York Jets: Don't Expect Team To Use Michael Vick Like Tim Tebow

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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Do you remember the time when Tim Tebow was brought in for certain rushing plays as Mark Sanchez ran to the sidelines waiting for his turn to throw? Most consider it a failed experiment to utilize a dual-quarterback system where one pretty much passes as the other specializes on running only.

It didn’t take long for defenses to figure it out and put a halt on any kind of offensive production with this ridiculous idea of trying to confuse defenses depending on who is under center. Fast forward a few years and an eerily similar situation is presented to the New York Jets. Make no mistake about it, the Jets won’t make the same mistake twice.

It’s one thing to be criticized for not winning football games. It’s another to be laughed at because that kind of quarterback carousel shuffle only works in video games. Currently the Jets have somewhat been a bit confusing with declaring which quarterback will start between Geno Smith and Michael Vick.

Some have been quoted saying it’s going to be Smith while others claim that it’s an open competition and either candidate can be appointed as starter. Vick says he’s here to primarily help Smith and is embracing a backup role which is the best situation to be in.

Once everyone figures out who is going to start, everything will fall into place and make sense. However, the Jets absolutely learned from the debacle that was the Sanchez/Tebow experiment and once they announce their starting quarterback, that’s the guy they’re sticking with. That is, of course, bearing any injury or horrible performance that a change is absolutely needed.

Don’t expect to see Vick brought in on quarterback draw plays or wildcat formations. He has a history of being one big hit away from injury and the Jets wouldn’t want to risk anything happening to Vick since they need him to be that ongoing mentor for Smith’s development. It’s crucial Vick is on the sideline coaching and training Smith to ensure he has a bright future.

Sorry Jets fans, there will be no Tebow-like roles in Vick’s playbook this time around.

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