What Will Nick Foles' Encore Perfomance Be For Philadelphia Eagles in 2014?

By Ryan Wenzell
Nick Foles 2014 Philadelphia Eagles
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Foles played out of his mind in the 2013 season. He burst onto the scene with 27 touchdowns to a staggering two interceptions. His Quarterback rating was one of the all-time best in the history of the game, and he did all this in only 10 starts.

Foles is now the unquestioned starter for the Philadelphia Eagles. He has a full offseason knowing he’s running the show, as Chip Kelly has given Foles the keys to the kingdom. With this certainly comes added responsibility. Foles won’t be coming out of nowhere anymore. Defenses will have had a full offseason to study Foles, dissect his tendencies as a signal caller and with the added preparation comes bigger challenges for the young Foles.

No doubt the windows will be tighter. There will be less room for error. If you think Foles is going to go through another full season throwing two interceptions, you are kidding yourself. Even greats like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning make their fair share of mistakes. The key will be how Foles bounces back from adversity.

Foles is embracing stardom. It certainly doesn’t seem like it’s gotten to his head. He is still the same laid back country boy that he’s always been. The difference being the spotlight will certainly shine brighter this season. He has been anointed the franchise guy. The savior.

He certainly showed he could hang with the big boys last year. What will his encore be like? The regular season and answers to those questions await. Meanwhile, Foles is feverishly preparing for a brand new season, and wants to prove that last year wasn’t a fluke, or a flash in the pan. This encore will certainly be one to watch.

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