Josh Brent’s Possible Return is Latest Fail by Dallas Cowboys

By Jeric Griffin
Josh Brent Cowboys return
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The Dallas Cowboys had a decent free agency period and a solid draft, so there’s a reason why fans of America’s Team let down their guards this offseason. Of course, that came with a price as Cowboys VP Stephen Jones said Tuesday the team is considering brining back Josh Brent when he finishes serving his 180-day jail sentence.

Yes, you read that right: The Cowboys are planning to bring back an absolutely worthless player who has no regard for anyone or anything in the world, including himself. We’re talking about a guy who failed multiple drug tests while waiting for his trial regarding intoxication manslaughter charges from an incident in December of 2012 when he was driving with a blood alcohol limit that was three times the legal limit and crashed the car, killing teammate Jerry Brown in the process.

That definitely sounds like a player with a lot of character to bring in and help this mentally weak Dallas team get better in the brains department.

Conveniently for the clueless Cowboys, Brent will be released the week before the team starts training camp. Not only that, but Jones says his camp is already in talks with the NFL regarding Brent’s status.

Even for a team in desperate need of help on the defensive line, how many times do the Cowboys have to get burned before they learn their lesson? Brent is obviously never going to change his ways, especially considering his slap-on-the-wrest sentence of 180 days in jail and 10 years probation, so what makes the Joneses think they’re going to fix him with their spineless management system?

So the Cowboys are literally waiting on defensive line help to get out of jail. That definitely sounds like a team that is truly trying to win.

This makes all the jokes about Jerry wanting Aaron Hernandez a little less funny, huh?

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