San Francisco 49ers Rumors: QB Colin Kaepernick Could Be Making Big Money Soon

By Ronnie Hampston
Colin Kaepernick
Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Colin Kaepernick is entering his contract year, and he will command a hefty dollar amount for being one of the top players at his position. Kaepernick is reportedly in talks with the San Francisco 49ers about his new deal, and he will be looking for a contract in the neighborhood of $18 million per year or more.

Before you wrinkle your nose at that number for Kaepernick, you have to look at the past contracts given to players who play the same position. Quarterbacks such as Tony Romo, Matthew Stafford and Jay Cutler are all laughing to the bank, and Kapernick has more playoff wins than all three of them combined. As a starter for the 49ers, Kaepernick is 21-8, has taken his team to the Super Bowl and was one play away from a repeat trip to the Big Game last winter.

The aforementioned quarterbacks may have better stats than Kaepernick, but they can’t say that they have been deep into the playoffs at any point of their careers, aside from an embarrassing trip to the NFC title game for Cutler. Kaepernick is entering his fourth season as a player, and his second full year as a starter, so the sky is the limit.

The contract talks are a must, and Kaepernick will be paid. The dollar amount may be unknown right now, but Kaepernick will be taken care of as the team’s top priority. I commend Kaepernick for not making his contract a distraction and continuing to be a professional about it. Kaepernick will keep quiet and continue to show up to play football, and with that attitude you can expect big dollar signs to follow.

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