Tony Romo Will Prove Doubters Wrong in 2014 Season

By Jeff Smith
Tony Romo 2014 Preview
Matthew Emmons- USA TODAY Sports

The back injuries, the failures in December and the late game interceptions. That’s pretty much what many people think about when they think of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo. Part of those things are deserved, others aren’t, and other times, people just simply aren’t looking at all of the facts and fail to give Romo the credit that he actually deserves.

He hasn’t won a Super Bowl and he hasn’t even come close. That’s no surprise. Should we blame Romo 100 percent for this? Well, that’s your decision. Some choose to blame the fact that the Cowboys haven’t had much of a defense to support him, while others don’t care, and they just want to make sure it’s known that Romo can’t perform late in games and late in the year.

To many, it’s just laughable to see “America’s Team” falling flat on their face in key moments.

For Romo though, it’s motivating. Romo isn’t the kind of guy to dwell on the prior play, or the previous game, or even the previous year, almost no matter what the situation is. He will always, ALWAYS, take the blame on himself, regardless of what happened out on the field. If a receiver ran a wrong route that led to an interception, he’ll still take the blame. He’s just that kind of guy.

While it’s all nice and great that Romo is one of the “good guys” in the NFL, he needs to win in the postseason, and win late in games. This is exactly what’s going to happen in 2014, and why he’ll prove to everyone that he’s capable of taking his game to the next level.

Coming off of his second back surgery, and the team losing Sean Lee to a torn ACL, no one expects the Cowboys to do much this year. Romo had to stand by and watch this happen, and he also had to watch his team go down in Week 17 last year to the Philadelphia Eagles in a rough loss to swallow.

This is all just building inside of Romo, and with the offensive weapons, the strength of the offensive line and the all-around talent that this team has, it’s going to be Romo’s year. Watching Lee go down with his injury was brutal, and it means that the offense will have to do even more than they were originally asked to do, but the quarterback who many love to hate won’t mind.

Look for Romo to break the tradition, end the funk and get rid of many doubters in 2014. This is his year, and it’s the year that will leave fans in complete awe of what their quarterback is capable of.

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