Andy Dalton Deserves A Bigger Contract Than Colin Kaepernick

By Grant E. Doepel
Andy Dalton Deserves More Money Than Colin Kaepernick
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When it comes to players such as Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Drew Brees, everyone seems to understand their market value. However, the market for the second-tier quarterbacks has never been truly defined — until now. Colin Kaepernick, arguably in the lower-level of the second-tier quarterbacks, signed a six-year extension worth $126 million with a record $61 million guaranteed. While that contract made Kaepernick rich, it also made Andy Dalton and his agents quite happy as well.

Frankly put, Dalton is a better quarterback. While Kaepernick possesses the ability to scramble, his passing game has left a lot to be desired since being drafted in 2011 (the same year as Dalton). In 32 career starts, Kaepernick is averaging just under 157 yards per game as opposed to Dalton’s 237. Heck, Dalton threw more touchdowns in 2013 (33) than Kaepernick has throughout his entire NFL career (31).

Many are pointing to Kaepernick’s “clutch” gene as being the reason for his historic extension, but Pete Prisco of CBS puts this into perspective:

In comparison, Dalton had a 95 rating in the fourth quarter last season. Kaepernick’s rating was below the likes of Thad Lewis, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Matt Cassel. Dalton also had a 64.3 completion percentage (Kaepernick 51.8) and threw seven touchdowns (Kaepernick 2) in the fourth quarter throughout 2013.

Take a deeper look at how the two compare:

Games: Dalton – 48; Kaepernick – 32

Record: Dalton 30-18; Kaepernick 17-6

Yards: Dalton – 11,360; Kaepernick – 5,046

Touchdowns: Dalton – 80; Kaepernick – 31

Attempts: Dalton – 1,630; Kaepernick – 639

Completion Percentage: Dalton – 60.9; Kaepernick – 59.8

The Kaepernick deal is full of a great deal of “fluff” and incentives. For Dalton and his agents, this is where his contract discussions should begin. If Kaepernick is worth $61 million, then Dalton’s negotiations with the Cincinnati Bengals just skyrocketed. While Kaepernick’s postseason record is superior to that of Dalton’s, the rest of the statistics cannot be ignored. And if the Bengals are unwilling to pay that type of money, there are plenty of quarterback-needy teams who will gladly pay such money for him in 2015.

For Kaepernick, his record deal was a personal victory, but it also made the lives of Dalton and his agents much better and much wealthier.

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