Minnesota Vikings: Anthony Barr Away From Team Per NFL Rule

By Andrew Fisher
Anthony Barr
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Some would say that the Minnesota Vikings took a big risk by drafting Anthony Barr with the No. 9 overall selection this past May. While there are few who question the linebacker’s athletic ability, there are many who question his football IQ and readiness for the NFL. But either way, he’s a first-round talent that now resides in Minnesota. Kind of.

According to report on ESPN, Barr is actually still a college student at UCLA. Because of an NFL rule that was adopted in 1990, Barr is only allowed to attend one OTA until he graduates. Because UCLA is on a quarter system, Barr won’t graduate until June 13th.

“It kind of sucks. I want to be out there, but I’m not allowed to. I wish it was my decision,” said the LB.

So instead of already having his talents in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Barr is still parked in a library in Southern California trying to finish the 20 necessary credits remaining for his Bachelors degree.

To keep in touch with the Vikings he hooks up his Ipad and visits with the coaching staff while watching film from that day’s workout. Ideal? Absolutely not. Necessary to be compliant with the NFL? You bet.

This kind of thing has come up a lot in recent years, and many think it’s time the NFL changes the rule. It was adopted at a time where teams didn’t have as strenuous of an offseason schedule, and you’d think at a time where rookies were counted on to contribute to the team so quickly.

Either way, Barr will be headed to Minneapolis the day after he graduates college.


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