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Minnesota Vikings: Norv Turner’s Like of Matt Cassel Makes QB Easy Favorite To Start

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Matt Cassel

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In May the Minnesota Vikings drafted who they think will be their quarterback of the future in Teddy Bridgewater. He’s the guy who should be under center in Minneapolis for many years to come. But in the meantime, Matt Cassel has something to say about that.

In addition to drafting a potential franchise QB this offseason, the Vikings also ponied up a bunch of cash for Cassel, as he signed a new two-year/$10 million deal in March.

On top of all the happenings at the QB position over the past several months, there’s also a new guy in town who will be calling all the plays in 2014 — Norv Turner.

The long-time NFL OC/head coach is bringing his talents up North this season after a brief stop in Cleveland in 2013. As it turns out, Turner wanted Cassel to be the Browns QB last season.

Turner and Cassel recently spoke to the Pioneer Press on this topic:

“I think that would have been at the time a good move for us. I gave my evaluation (for the Browns to sign Cassel). I thought he would have fit…Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t,” said Turner.

It appears that the respect is mutual between Turner and Cassel:

“I was excited when I heard that he was coming (to Minnesota). I was so excited about it, and now to be out here working with him, it’s really been a great experience…In 31 years in the NFL, he’s coached Super Bowls, he’s coached Pro Bowlers, he’s coached everything he could possibly do. And this system has been proven to work. With his reputation, he’s lived up to all my expectations and I think that we’re all very lucky to have him here,” said Cassel.

All of this means one thing to me — Bridgewater is very unlikely to start the season as the Vikings QB.

If Turner has viewed Cassel as a good fit for his system in the past, he obviously has to feel he’ll be a good fit for it now. It’s just hard to see the veteran OC picking a rookie over a guy with nine years of NFL experience.

Things can change, and who knows how quickly Bridgewater will develop, but all signs point to Matt Cassel being under center for the Vikings in week one.

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