Oakland Raiders 2014 Training Camp Profile: Derek Carr

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Derek Carr
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Even after upgrading the quarterback position via trade earlier in the offseason, the Oakland Raiders spent an early draft pick on Fresno State gunslinger Derek Carr this past May. While the rookie might not be slated for early action, his presence gives the Raiders a brighter future.

The younger brother of former bust David Carr, the Raiders’ new quarterback is facing considerable pressure to avoid replicating his sibling’s shortcomings at the NFL level. However, based on his college film and well-rounded skill set, there’s plenty of hope that he can have a positive impact in Oakland.

That all starts during training camp, where Carr will begin his journey towards becoming the Raiders’ starting quarterback.

However, it could be some time before he finally takes the reins. The Oakland coaching staff has made it clear that they plan on letting him sit and learn behind veteran Matt Schaub, who the Raiders acquired this offseason. They don’t want to risk rushing Carr onto the field and putting him in a position to fail like the Houston Texans did with his brother so many years ago.

During training camp, Carr will be simply be expected to learn the playbook from top to bottom and soak up as much knowledge as he can from Schaub. The Raiders are hoping he won’t have to see the field anytime soon, and are only looking for Carr to learn as much as he can while he still has the opportunity to sit back and watch.

There will, however, be some competition from Matt McGloin, who started several games for the Raiders last season. The sophomore quarterback will be looking to assert himself as the Raiders’ backup, but will have to severely outperform Carr to do so. More than likely, that won’t happen.

Put simply, Carr is the future at quarterback for the Raiders. He’s a strong-armed, smart passer who has all of the tools to succeed. As long Oakland doesn’t throw him to the wolves as a rookie, there’s plenty of reason to be excited about his future.

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