Nate Davis' 3-13 Prediction for the Dallas Cowboys is Dead Wrong

By Matt Banks
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USA Today’s NFL writer and editor Nate Davis recently predicted the Dallas Cowboys will finish with a 3-13 record in the 2014 NFL season. The Cowboys have underachieved in recent years and caused a lot of heartbreak to their fans, but there’s no way they will only win three games.

His arguments have a few of holes in them and seem more like shots in the dark than anything. He gave a small blurb for each of the 32 NFL teams. Here’s his statement in regards to why he believes the Cowboys will be so bad:

Tony Romo’s back, defense are looking awfully frail. Dallas fans might end up pining for .500 teams.”

He really feels like Romo’s back will cause him to miss much of the season. There’s no doubt that Romo would be a huge loss and the team wouldn’t go anywhere without him, but it’s based on nothing. There’s nothing to lead us to believe that Romo won’t play and be himself. Either that or Mr. Davis left the M.D. off his name and he knows something we don’t.

I just think it’s a bit ridiculous to predict injuries. I feel you should be evaluating teams with what they presently have. I could easily say Peyton Manning will have a flare up in his neck and be out and the Denver Broncos would win only five games. If it happened, it might come true, but how can you predict injuries?

He also takes a shot at the defense which has been a punchline for analysts and writers lately. I don’t really get this point either.

Last year was awful for the defense, but the only place they can go is up. They had zero pass rush last year and that was with Jason Hatcher and DeMarcus Ware on the squad. I think the losses of those two are overstated, especially if Anthony Spencer, Henry Melton and Tyrone Crawford prove to be healthy.

If rookie DeMarcus Lawrence is as advertised and George Selvie is close to what he was last year, the defensive line actually looks pretty good. A better rush will allow the linebackers and secondary to be more successful because those guys won’t be expected to cover their man for eight seconds.

If he’s basing his “frail” comment on Sean Lee, then he’s wrong there as well. Lee is a great player, but the Cowboys have a better record without him 9-7 than with him 15-17. Yes, there have been some major injuries to their defense, but Lee is the only one who will be out for the year, the rest have been on the mend and will be ready to start or play early in the year.

Davis’ opinions are his own and he’s entitled to them. In my opinion, it’s just a ratings grab. He knows the Cowboys are the most popular team in the NFL and he wanted an attention-grabber. Good move for getting views, but his reasoning is a little out there for me.

There’s obviously a lot of question marks around this team, but I think they are still on the verge of a playoff birth as opposed to the laughingstock of the league.

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