Jerry Jones Must Be Wise Regarding Dallas Cowboys' Cap Space

By Matt Banks
Jerry Jones
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The Dallas Cowboys have been in a tough cap situation for what seems like forever. Jerry Jones has a lot to do with some of the bad contracts which are now binding the Cowboys. The front office has to be disciplined when it comes to the cap if they want to get out of this malaise of mediocrity they are in.

Jones has a reputation as a spender. He’s been like a college student using his credit card to purchase everything from lunch to a new big screen TV with no intention of paying it off. This is one of the reasons the Cowboys are barely keeping their heads above water in regards to finances.

Jones seems to have turned over a new leaf with some smart business decisions. Cutting DeMarcus Ware and Miles Austin was tough, but ultimately it was the right choice. The price tag for those players was too high considering age, health and productivity.

With those moves the Cowboys have managed to create almost $10.8 million in cap space for the upcoming season. The organization needs to think of this money as a savings fund as opposed to spending money.

There are several areas that must be addressed with this money such as signing rookies Demarcus Lawrence and Zack Martin, cap hits when the roster expands and maintaining practice squad players. Bonuses are also due to Anthony Spencer and Henry Melton depending on how many games they appear in.

They must also think about the future. They need available money to make player additions during the season. They also need to evaluate what they want to do in regards to extending Tyron Smith and Dez Bryant.

In reality, the money the Cowboys aren’t using is really only a third of the $10.8 million. If Jones ever wants to be in good cap situations he needs to let his money sit and build instead of using it all.

If Jones is patient with his money he’ll be able to sign or keep who he wants instead of having to cut ties with his best players in a few years. He can finally treat the salary cap wound instead of simply putting a band-aid on it like he has in the past.

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