Commercial for NBA Finals Advocating Redskins’ Name Change Will Stir Up Controversy

By RantSports Staff

If you’ve ever tuned into an NBA Finals game, you know the broadcast team has a habit of chasing rabbits, even some hoppers that have nothing to do with basketball. If you consider that a problem, it’s only going to get worse when a 60-second commercial advocating a change of the Washington Redskins’ mascot runs during Game 3.

The video above shows the extended two-minute version of the latest campaign to force the NFL team to change its name since many find it offensive and disrespectful to Native American history.

The Redskins football team was established in 1932 as the Boston Braves and then changed to the Boston Redskins the following year before moving to Washington in 1937 and becoming the franchise with which we’re familiar today.

Current Redskins owner Dany Snyder and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell have always claimed the team’s name is meant to honor Native Americans. However, recent efforts by a variety of activist groups have been made to try and convince the general population that the name is disrespectful. A popular claim of such groups is that no one would stand for the team’s name if it was the “Washington Negroes” and thus, no one should stand for the current name.

Regardless of your opinion, you can bet this commercial, which will be aired in seven major markets during Game 3 on Tuesday night, will certainly stir up some people who were previously oblivious to the whole matter. It remains to be seen whether or not that will help or hurt the advocates’ cause.

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