Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones Should Quit Talking About Johnny Manziel

By Jeremy Martin
Jerry Jones
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Some people just can’t control themselves when it comes to talking. Jerry Jones is one of those people. He  seems to always have something to say. When you talk as much as Jerry Jones does, sometimes you have a hard time remembering everything that you’ve said in the past. That may be what happened to him this past weekend.

When the Dallas Cowboys passed on Johnny Manziel in last month’s NFL Draft, Jones knew the questions were coming. When the questions came, it seemed he was prepared. He was asked repeatedly about the decision, but his answer remained the same. Jones talked about how he believed Manziel had a chance to be great, but the Cowboys had their QB in Tony Romo.

Some of Jerry’s quotes about Manziel included “Flair, flash, show business was never a consideration here.” Jerry also said “We didn’t spend a lot of time in this draft considering Manziel.” Those quotes seem to indicate that Manziel was never a real option for Dallas and that all the hype was media driven. But then Jerry spoke to reporters at a function this past Friday night and had something different to say about the Manziel decision.

Jerry was asked if it was really hard to pass on Manziel and he answered this way. “Well, it was. Yes it was. First of all, I couldn’t believe he had fallen there. And secondly we had spent a lot of time. I’d spent a lot of time.” So, which is it, Jerry? Did you spend a lot of time deciding to whether or not to draft Manziel or didn’t you? I have no doubt in my mind that what Jerry said on Friday is the truth.

How close the Cowboys came to drafting Manziel is really irrelevant. It didn’t happen and Jones should just move on, but he can’t help himself. He has to keep talking about it. By continuing to talk about Manziel, Jerry is really just making it worse for himself in the future.

In the minds of fans and media, the Cowboys will always be the team that passed on Manziel. They won’t remember the other twenty teams that passed on him as well. By continuing to talk about it, Jones is just strengthening the link between Manziel and the Cowboys.

If Manziel is great, Jerry is the guy who passed on him. If Manziel is bad then Jerry is the guy who almost drafted him and believed he would be great. I believe Jerry showed a lot of restraint in not drafting Manziel. Now Jerry needs to show that same amount of restraint and stop talking about it.

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