Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo Says He Can Play Now, Tacks an Extra Year on Expected Career

By Jeff Smith
Tony Romo Injury
Andrew Weber- USA TODAY Sports

Fans of the Dallas Cowboys took a bit of a sigh of relief when Tony Romo spoke this past weekend. With so many rumors being thrown around that Romo’s health won’t be to the point that it needs to be when the 2014 NFL season begins, his most recent comments were that he could “play in a game now” if he had to. Those are big words to fans.

While the Cowboys continue to take the slow and steady approach to Romo’s comeback, it’s in large part due to the fact that they want to avoid any type of setback. In Romo’s mind, though, a setback at this point isn’t a question. He’s 23 weeks past the surgery that he had on the herniated disc in his back, and Romo stated that he’s at the point now where he can push it and it’s no longer the “slow” recovery time.

Romo wasn’t speaking recklessly as he made sure to point out that he’s well aware that he has some recovering left to do before he’s at 100 percent. He even pointed out that it wouldn’t be ideal for him to play currently since it hasn’t completely healed up but that he’s nearly there.

It’s amazing listening to Romo speak at times, as he calls things like punctured lungs, herniated discs and fractured ribs just the old “bumps and bruises.” He’s a true gamer, and you can tell from how he talks about the sport of football that he truly loves his job. He called playing with the Cowboys and playing in the NFL a “great joy” and stated that this would be how he’d look back at his time as well.

If Cowboys fans want a bit of even better news, how about the fact that Romo extended his time as the Cowboys quarterback from five years, like he said last month, to another six years.

You don’t want to be the NFL fan who talks about a botched snap in Seattle or a late interception. One guy who you want in your corner is a quarterback who has a QB rating and the strong passing numbers in late games like Romo does, as well as a guy who will leave it all out on the field. That is the best way to define the Cowboys’ quarterback.

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