Jim Harbaugh’s Wife, Sarah, Stars in Hilarious Dockers Pants Commercial

By RantSports Staff

Ever since he entered the NFL three years ago, San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh has been given a hard time for the oversized khaki pants he wore and into which he tucked his team sweatshirt. His wife, Sarah, has since gotten him into some more stylish pants made by Dockers, and now she’s the star of the sarcastic commercial you see in the video above.

Coach Harbaugh, who claimed he wasn’t that concerned with his looks, said he got them from Walmart because they were cheap. In fact, he was photographed at the store with a stack of the infamous pants in his hand. Well, if you’ve seen any recent pictures of him, you know he’s got a new look and it’s 100 percent attributable to his wife.

You’ve got to hand it to Dockers for their new #StopDadPants campaign, which is a nice spinoff from the old “mom jeans” phrase that was coined years ago. And what better way to kick off the campaign than by doing a celebrity endorsement/roast of Harbaugh?

You’ve also got to hand it to Mrs. Harbaugh, who was a great sport in all of this and willingly made fun of her husband to give us all a laugh. So if you know someone suffering from the dad pants dilemma…please don’t tell them because they look hilarious.

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