Sarah, Jim Harbaugh's PSA Alters Coach's Public Perception

By Grant E. Doepel

Every now and then, NFL stars step out of their comfort zone in order to address important issues in today’s society. In a tough world, sometimes it takes tough people to make a difference. Enter Jim Harbaugh and his wife Sarah. They decided to take the time to address an issue that has affected many families around the nation, including their home: Dad pants.

Harbaugh has turned the San Francisco 49ers into one of the strongest organizations in the entire league. As well known as he is for his coaching career and his playing career, Harbaugh has become synonymous with his infamous khaki pants — whether it be in the blazing heat of the summer or wearing multiple layers in the frozen tundra. For Harbaugh, let’s just say it is a style he has perfected.

In a brilliant marketing strategy by Dockers, they enlisted the help of Sarah and Harbaugh to execute one of the more brilliant fake-PSAs you will ever see. Designed as a rather mockumentary of sorts, this video gives fans a glimpse into the side of Harbaugh that many fans are not accustomed to — the humorous side. Often recognized for his stern and focused demeanor, Harbaugh accepts the irony for his Dockers stint. It is a phenomenal approach for the coach, and one that will have everlasting effects on his standing with fans of the game, especially in San Francisco.

Kudos to the Harbaugh family for being willing to poke fun at themselves, particularly Jim. Not only is it a great move for Harbaugh himself, but it is yet another win for the NFL, as they continue to reach fans in new and innovative ways.

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