Atlanta Falcons Are Solid Choice For Hard Knocks 2014

By Andrew Fisher
Atlanta Falcons
Getty Images

After several weeks of speculation it’s been announced that the Atlanta Falcons will appear on Hard Knocks 2014.

The popular HBO NFL reality series will be back later this summer to follow the Falcons players around during training camp, which may or may not please some fans. Atlanta was not one of the teams being rumored for the show this year, but now that fans know it’s them, they have to realize it could be worse.

While there were probably some who wanted the Cleveland Browns to get the nod because of Johnny Manziel, or some who wanted the Pittsburgh Steelers (two teams rumored to be in the running), the Falcons are no doubt a solid choice.

This Falcons team is coming off one of the most disappointing seasons in franchise history. It’s a team that was a few plays away from the Super Bowl two seasons ago, that took a big step back last year. The pressure and desire to get back in playoff contention should make for great television.

Atlanta doesn’t exactly have mega stars on its roster, but you know someone will step into the spotlight and grab America’s attention. There’s always a couple ‘breakout’ stars on Hard Knocks.

I suppose you can tell what a team is really made of on HN. Either the cameras bring it closer together, or they drive it further apart. It’ll definitely be interesting to see how the Falcons react to their new training camp settings.

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