New York Jets' Calvin Pryor Should Leave Trash Talking On The Field

By Luis Tirado Jr.
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When it comes to trash-talking, safety Calvin Pryor knows how hang with the best of them. It’s part of his game and usually works well when he’s on the field talking smack to those coming his way. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t always work or come off as effective if it’s off the football field. In a recent interview, he said how the moment he arrived to the New York Jets training facility to get used to his new home, all everyone kept saying was how much they hate the New England Patriots. Pryor also said how the general consensus is they also hate its crosstown rivals in the New York Giants. He then said everyone is looking forward to playing both teams this upcoming season.

First off, most people hate the Patriots because they are the team to beat. For years now, ever since Bill Belichick and Tom Brady got into the mix, the Patriots have always been the cream of the crop of the AFC East. They have the division titles as well as Super Bowl championships to prove it. Most teams would only dream to reach the level of success, pride and admiration the Patriots receive because they know how to run things efficiently both on and off the field. What’s the one thing that separates the Patriots and the Jets?

The Patriots don’t provide bulletin-board material. They know how to silence these trash-talking comments by dominating and winning football games. That’s all that matters when you truly think about it which is why you won’t hear a single player from the Patriots say how much they hate the Jets.

Secondly, Pryor made a pretty silly mistake saying how everyone “hates” the Patriots. Don’t think for a second Belichick didn’t let his team know of this banter, because now it’ll fuel them to play even harder when they face each other. Sure, everyone hates Brady since he’s one of the poster boys of the NFL. He’s hated because he’s that good and is a future Hall of Famer. The last thing you want to do is say that you don’t like him, because now he will surely bring his top game when he faces the Jets and their delicate defensive secondary situation. He will surely introduce Pryor into the pros.

Finally, as far as the Giants are concerned, it’s all about jealousy really. There is no rivalry with the Giants that goes beyond a meaningless preseason game. The teams don’t play each other in the regular season at all to warrant a rivalry of such magnitude. Perhaps the Jets are filled with envy since in the past decade the Giants have two Super Bowl championships to brag about.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what you leave on the field. It’s nice to see Pryor speak his mind and let everyone know who the enemy is, but what does that really accomplish? Nothing at all. You know how you let your rivals know you mean business? You keep your mouth shut and beat them when it matters most. Once you show them you are the real deal on the football field, that speaks for itself.

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