Crazy Detroit Lions Fan Gets Super Bowl Champs 2015 Tattoo

Detroit Lions
Getty Images

Sports fans are always outdoing themselves. There’s no limit to their craziness or the things they’ll do for their favorite teams. One thing you see from time to time is the predictive tattoo. You know, where a fan boldly inks on their body that their favorite team is going to win a championship in the upcoming season.

When it’s Kentucky basketball, it’s one thing. When it’s the Detroit Lions, it’s another:

That’s right, this gentleman is predicting that the Lions will miraculously win their first Super Bowl this season. Impossible? No. Likely? Not so much.

After making the playoffs in 2011 it’s been two straight disappointing seasons for Detroit. The Lions definitely took a big step back last season, which ultimately led to the firing of Jim Schwartz. He’s now been replaced by Jim Caldwell, who at least has some serious playoff experience under his belt.

The Lions could escape the NFC North and return to the playoffs in 2015. It’s a division that’s seemingly up for grabs, even though you have to call the Packers and Bears the favorites at current time.

Detroit will once again put up a ton of points this season, so it’s really a matter of whether their defense can move into the league’s top-tier and out of the middle of the pack.

The Super Bowl is a big stretch for this year’s Lions team, but stranger things have happened. This crazy fan could be the one laughing on February 1, 2015.