Jacksonville Jaguars 2014 Training Camp Profile: Stephen Morris

By Tyler McMullen
Jacksonville Jaguars QB Stephen Morris
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The Jacksonville Jaguars spent their first-round pick on QB Blake Bortles as their QB of the future and will insert him next year after QB Chad Henne takes the reigns this year as the stopgap QB for the team while Bortles develops a bit more as the back up. But the team decided to take a risk on a former Miami Hurricane with immense potential in QB Stephen Morris, signing him as an undrafteed free agent.

Morris, a 6-foot-2, 213-pound QB, has a great arm in terms of arm strength, but his mechanics are off from time to time leading to wacky looking throws or even worse, interceptions. The former Hurricane QB has some of the best pure arm strength I have seen in quite some time out of a QB entering the professional level. His ability to drive the ball deep is second to none. Along with his arm strength, he puts great velocity on the football, thus allowing him to fit the ball into some very tight throwing windows.

But his inability to be mechanically sound game in and game out is concerning. Morris’ arm strength may be the second to none, but his accuracy is lacking outside of the short “dink and dunk” passes. Morris is incredibly inaccurate throwing across the middle of the field, which leads to either his receiver having to work tremendously to get close to the football or his receiver getting blown up by a defender waiting in their zone.

Morris will likely be competing with QB Ricky Stanzi for the No. 3 QB spot positioned behind Henne and Bortles. Neither player will likely see the field for the Jaguars this season unless both Henne and Bortles go down with season-ending injuries respectively.

While I love Morris and his ability, Stanzi should be able to edge Morris out for the job. But the Jaguars will attempt to stash Morris on their practice squad in order to develop him a bit more to battle Stanzi again next season for the No. 2 QB gig behind the likely 2015 starter in Bortles.

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