Dez Bryant Won't Be Leaving Dallas Cowboys

By Jeff Smith


Dez Bryant Contract
Tim Heitman- USA TODAY Sports

I’d be interested to hear when was the last time that the Dallas Cowboys wanted to re-sign a player who didn’t want to re-sign with them. Honestly, I really can’t remember the last time when it happened. So why should we possibly worry about the chance that Dez Bryant doesn’t re-sign with the Cowboys? Especially considering that it’s a known fact that both sides want to make things work?

Bryant has always wanted to be a Cowboy. When he was drafted by the Cowboys, he even made it known that it was essentially a dream. He’s turned his life around both on and off the field, and looks like a completely different player. Bryant has literally done anything and everything the Cowboys have asked of him, and we’ve seen him mature in his time in Dallas.

So why would Dallas possibly allow Bryant to leave town? The answer is simple: they wouldn’t.

Quarterback Tony Romo and Bryant have an incredible connection that’s just getting stronger and stronger each season, and Bryant is working his way toward becoming a leader for this team. The Cowboys are going to pay Bryant, and while many are wondering what they are waiting for, I’d assume it’s to see how other wideout contracts look such as those to Demaryius Thomas and even Michael Crabtree.

Regardless, Bryant will end up with the Cowboys for the long term, so for any fans who are concerned, just remember that patience is a virtue. We’ll see the new No. 88 with a star on his helmet possibly for his entire career.

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