Dallas Cowboys Don't Need Kyle Orton

By Matt Banks
Orton vs Bengals
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Kyle Orton isn’t speaking much about his intentions, but his actions are speaking volumes. He didn’t show up for his physical before mandatory mini-camp starts on Tuesday. The Dallas Cowboys can recoup salary from Orton if he doesn’t show, but Dallas shouldn’t waste their time on him any longer.

Let’s not pretend like Orton is a wonderful quarterback. He’s a journeyman. He has a career completion percentage of 58 percent and has turned the ball over 75 times. The only thing he gives the team is a decade of NFL experience. He’s mediocre, and the Cowboys aren’t going to go anywhere if the backup is playing regardless of who it may be.

The biggest winner in this situation is Brandon Weeden. He’s had the luxury of taking snaps with the starters due to Tony Romo recovering from back surgery and Orton’s absence. The coaching staff has been impressed with what they have seen from Weeden in the early going.

I say Dallas should let Weeden assume the controls of the backup role right now. It’s true he played poorly in his tenure with the Cleveland Browns, but I still think there’s a bit of the unknown there. If he gets in the right system with the right coaches he might be productive.

Orton is what he is. The eye test tells us Orton is a subpar player. Add in the fact that he doesn’t really want to play, and he’d be even less of a threat.

Wouldn’t you want to roll the dice with Weeden and see what happens with a fresh start? At least he wants to be in Dallas. He wants to get better and continue his career.

Dallas is obviously interested in getting some of Orton’s salary back and the $70,000 fines will start on Tuesday. If he’s truly going to quit on the Cowboys then he will be sacrificing $3.5 million in base salary. He would also have to pay back nearly $3 million in previous bonuses.

The question is should he stay or should he go? In my opinion, if he’s been contemplating retirement then he’s been retired for awhile now.

I say Orton should take his ball and go home. Go hunt, fish, or whatever you want. Stop acting like you’re Brett Favre. Your situation isn’t nearly as interesting, and you aren’t worth the money or the time.

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