Josh Brent Deserves A Second Chance With Dallas Cowboys

By Matt Banks
Josh Brent
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It’s a truly an ugly and messy situation anytime somebody loses a life. Josh Brent made a terrible decision when he drove drunk and ended up killing his best friend and teammate Jerry Brown in the process. Even the ugliest crimes deserve forgiveness. Brent needs football and he needs to be in a familiar environment that supports him. A return to the Dallas Cowboys would be just what he needs.

Brent was sentenced to 180 days in jail and ten years probation after the incident. He has now been removed from jail and placed into a rehab facility to finish his sentence.

The Cowboys have been very supportive of Brent during the process and have caught their fair share of flack in the media for it. Brown’s mother, Stacey Jackson, loves Brent like a son and has forgiven him for what happened. She wants Brent’s life to get back on track, and she sees football as something he needs to turn himself around.

If the mother of the deceased can find it in her heart to forgive this young man for a terrible mistake, then why can’t the public?

Jackson and the Cowboys know him personally and the type of man he truly is. Brent has even vowed to provide financial support for Brown’s daughter. He seems to have every intention of making things right to the best of his ability.

Executive Stephen Jones has not ruled out the possibility of a return to Dallas. They are looking to support and be loyal to Brent. They don’t have to, but I think they view it as the right thing to do.

I could easily see Brent returning after he completes his rehab. Obviously, defensive tackle is a need for Dallas and Brent could be in the rotation. He isn’t an amazing player, as he’s only had five starts in his career, but he’s someone that shows potential.

Everybody makes mistakes and unfortunately Brent’s cost a friend his life. To make matters worse he had to watch it play out publicly. The fact that he has to live with this mistake every day has to be an awful feeling.

Brent is paying his dues and serving his time. Aside from Brent, nobody truly knows if he’s genuine in his commitment to make better choices. In a league where some players habitually break the law and are given opportunity after opportunity to make amends, why can’t Brent have another shot in Dallas?

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