Indianapolis Colts 2014 Training Camp Profile: Ryan Lankford

By Chris Pimentel
Indianapolis Colts, Ryan Lankford
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts are very deep at the wide receiver position, but there might be room for Ryan Lankford on the final roster in August. Lankford is a speedy wide receiver out of the University of Illinois with a track and field background. He is an undrafted free agent, but the upside is there to make him valuable right now and down the road.

The one thing that Lankford has to improve on is adding weight. He currently only weighs 160 pounds, and if he is going to take a beating in the NFL he is going to have to bulk up. That aspect can be added over time, but it is important to note if he is adding weight so is everybody else in the NFL so it becomes a wash.

Lankford was able to play in the slot and on the outside in college, and he used his speed to take the top off the defense. When cornerbacks would give him a cushion he would take advantage by running a comeback route. He is also able to gain inside leverage on the skinny post from the slot which allows him to be a threat in the middle of the field.

The Colts are too talented at the wide receiver position for Lankford to be expected to make a major impact on the team this year. If he is going to make the final roster it is going to come on special teams. He will have to use his speed to his advantage and make an impact on kick returns. After the David Reed disaster last year, improvement in special teams is going to be key if Lankford is going to make the roster.

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