New York Jets Should Pursue CB Brandon Flowers

Brandon Flowers

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Cornerback Brandon Flowers is headed into unfamiliar territory. The once-promising shutdown cornerback of the Kansas City Chiefs has found his way off the team due to his off-field antics. About 10 different teams have contacted him already inquiring what his conditions are and for whatever reason, the New York Jets are not one of them.

While the Jets’ CB position shows promise, it is still one big question mark. As much as everyone believes that Dee Milliner and Dimitri Patterson can become the next dynamic duo at the corners, there is no guarantee that both will play well or even stay healthy. If either of those scenarios hit them, things could get ugly faster than a New York minute. One can’t also count on Kyle Wilson to step up either since he’s been inconsistent.

It’s always a good idea to have insurance. It’s even better to have a veteran as insurance since you can’t put a price on experience. Sure, maybe Dexter McDougle can be a really good cornerback down the road, but realistically, he’s a rookie. How far can a rookie truly go unless they’re exceptional?

It’s rare in McDougle’s case since he’s a third-round draft pick, but it’s highly doubtful he can immediately step in and contribute like an athlete of Flowers’ caliber.

The Jets have well over $20 million to play with in salary cap space and could easily sign Flowers to a short-term deal if they’re serious about being playoff contenders. The fact that they’ve yet to reach out to him is alarming since it looks like they believe in what they have to get the job done.

Flowers would be a clear upgrade over anyone at cornerback on the Jets at this very moment, and signing him would bolster the team significantly on defense. The NFL is a passing league, and when you play teams that have players like Tom BradyPhilip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers ready to burn defensive secondaries, you must have the right personnel ready to shut them down at every opportunity. Otherwise, you won’t be winning many football games.

In the end, everything is a risk. If Flowers were brought in, perhaps Rex Ryan could mold him and keep him on the right track. After all, Flowers looks like he’s in need of good leadership to be pointed into the right direction in his career. Then again, maybe he would be a giant distraction if he were brought into the Big Apple.

If the Jets want to be considered playoff contenders though, they need to take risks and acquire top talent to execute in all aspects. Everyone knows one of the weakest parts of the Jets going into this season will be their secondary — it’s infused with rookies illustrating speed and youth, but missing something very important: experience.

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  • philip

    I mean it would be great to bring flowers in, but does anyone know, what the “off field antics” were??? because idzik has been a huge proponent of bringing high character guys… thats why the jets didn’t make a play for desean jackson…. a guy could have all the talent in the world, but if he is a jerk off (Santonio Holmes) then Idzik will not bring him in… Dexter McDougle is a great example, he is a great player but the fact that he still showed up to every practice and game after he injured his shoulder and gave advice to the players replacing him at Maryland, speaks volumes…. If Flower is an asshole and butt’d heads with the coaching staff, Idzik must have heard about it, hence the reason he isn’t going for him

    • Luis Tirado Jr.

      Hey Philip, thanks for your comment! From what I researched, he’s a bit of a hothead. Doesn’t like to be told what to do if he feels he’s in the right which usually doesn’t bode well with NFL coaches. That could very well be the reason why the Jets/Idzik stayed away, better to deal with what they have rather than have any distractions.