Ryan Fitzpatrick Is Right Choice For Houston Texans Starting QB, But Unlikely To Shine

By Andrew Fisher
Ryan Fitzpatrick
Getty Images

The Houston Texans have officially named Ryan Fitzpatrick their starting quarterback. Obviously things could change before the actual kickoff of the 2014 season, but you’d have to think the nine-year veteran will be under center come week one. Bill O’Brien and company clearly brought him in to at minimum compete for the starting gig in 2014.

So now that it’s his — what does the future look like for the Harvard grad?

I wish I could say it looks bright, because Fitzpatrick is an easy guy to root for, but there’s little about his past that should make fans think 2014 will be different.

While you can’t read too much into career QB records, because football is a big-time team sport, they are telling to a degree. Over his nine seasons in the NFL, Fitzpatrick is an unimpressive 24-49-1, with not one winning season on his resume. A reflection of the teams he’s played on? Absolutely. But what about this Texans team screams better than average?

At best you have to realistically label Houston as a six-to-eight win team this season. Maybe they do better, maybe they do worse, but the odds of them making the playoffs aren’t great.

Fitzpatrick could have a fair amount of weapons to work with in O’Brien’s offense, but with Andre Johnson‘s status up in the air, the Texans might be without the best player in franchise history.

If Johnson decides he wants to be a Texan and comes back to camp all-in, then maybe I’ll give Fitzpatrick a shot at sporting a winning record this season. But the way things are looking right now, Houston could be a year or two away from getting back into regular playoff contention.

However, if there’s a guy who can take a QB to the next level, it’s O’Brien. That’s why they brought him in.


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