Who Has the Better Career: Dez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas or A.J. Green?

By Jeff Smith
Dez Bryant Career Predictions
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This question seems to come up fairly often when talking about fantasy football, but instead of talking about fantasy, let’s look at the big three, young wide receivers and predict which will end up with the best career between them. These three wide receivers include Dallas CowboysDez Bryant, Demaryius Thomas from the Denver Broncos and A.J. Green from the Cincinnati Bengals. This will likely be a hot button topic that gets talked about throughout the careers of these players.

We’ll start off with one player who gets an edge at quarterback. As crazy as it sounds, I’m not talking about Thomas with Peyton Manning. Manning will retire sooner rather than later, and the player who gets the edge is actually Green. The reason for this is simple. He and Andy Dalton came into the league together, and have been working together since day one. Plus, Dalton is only 26 while Tony Romo is 34 and Manning is 38.

There’s no question that Manning is the best quarterback of the three, and currently Romo is second, but the future is bright for Dalton. He also has plenty of time to improve, so in the quarterback situation for the future I’m giving the CAREER edge to Green.

What about pure talent? That has to be possibly the biggest factor in all of this. I honestly believe that if we are looking at pure talent, and ability to make plays, it comes down to Green and Bryant. Thomas is an excellent, excellent receiver, but he doesn’t have the same type of “go up and get it” playmaking ability that the other two have. I’m going to give the edge here to Bryant, as I think that he’ll turn into that wide out who can help pretty much any quarterback’s life become a whole lot easier.

That means one point Dez, one point Green and zero for DT so far.

Here’s where Thomas gets his point though, and that’s with how good his hands are. He’s got incredible hands, while I’ve seen both Green and Bryant have a few slip ups. I think Green is close in this area as well though, but I’m giving it to Thomas, at least at this point in his career.

So we have where each of the three excel, and we need to break the three-way tie to determine a winner. For me, that decision comes down to emotion, drive and will to win. The player who literally leaves it all on the field every day, and spends the offseason attempting to get in even better shape than the season before. This makes up a player who refuses to fail.

This player is Bryant, without a question.

While I have absolutely zero doubts that Green and Thomas spend the offseason preparing for the upcoming year and absolutely hate losing, there’s no one as passionate as Bryant. Call it selfish if you want, but it’s not. Bryant isn’t a selfish player, he just simply hates losing and is going to do anything he can to get better and to help everyone around him get better. It’ll be a battle throughout these three careers, and don’t be surprised to see all three of theirs names in Canton when all is said and done.

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