Dallas Cowboys Shouldn't Limit WR Cole Beasley

By Matt Banks
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Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley is a fan favorite. He’s consistently converted huge third downs while also showing his ability to use his quick and shifty moves to fight for extra yardage. This guy can play any receiver position and shouldn’t be limited to just a slot receiver.

I’ve always been the type of person that focuses on what a player can do as opposed to dwelling on what they can’t do. That’s why I don’t look at Beasley’s size as a negative. He can more than make up for his size with his quickness and allusiveness. 

Players like Wes Welker, Wayne Chrebet, and Santana Moss play a similar style to Beasley. Those players could play any of the WR positions and consistently produce regardless of their stature. Maybe their best spot is still in the slot, but they can be shifted around to cause matchup issues.

It’s very important that the Cowboys don’t just view Beasley as a one-trick pony. Outside of Dez Bryant Dallas has unproven receivers. If one of them takes a step back or Dez gets hurt, then it’s vital Beasley give them something more than a slot option. It would be nice to have someone already on the roster who can come in and play meaningful downs.

Beasley has acknowledged that he needs to develop as a deep threat. If he could do that, it would help him gain more playing time, but it would also make the offensive more potent as a whole. Dallas could move Bryant around more using underneath routes. Obviously, getting him the ball in space is paramount because he has the strength, quickness and speed to make the defenders miss.

Second year WR Terrance Williams can’t be the only guy taking the top off the defense besides Bryant. Now we all know it’s not likely Beasley is going to out-jump anybody for a ball, but his ability to be a threat in the deep passing game is vital if he wants to take his game to the next level. The same goes for rookie Devin Street and even Dwayne Harris. Those guys can hold specialized roles, but need to develop themselves so that they too can be counted on in case injuries happen.

Beasley has proven himself as a reliable target for Tony Romo. I think Beasley has the tools and desire to play on the outside, but he just needs a chance. He’ll have an uphill climb to achieve that mark, but the Cowboys can’t put a ceiling on him. It would be a disservice to him as well as the entire offense.

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