DeMarco Murray Will be the Dallas Cowboys' Most Indispensable Player in 2014

By Jesus Flores
DeMarco Murray Key to Getting Cowboys Back into the Playoffs
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When looking at the Dallas Cowboys’ roster, who would you say is their most indispensable player for the 2014 NFL Season?

Actually, the case can be made for a few players. Take for example, starting quarterback Tony Romo. For all the flak that Romo catches, the Cowboys would find themselves between a rock and a hard place if he cannot go. There’s also No. 1 receiver Dez Bryant, whose mere presence forces teams to adjust their defense in order to try to contain him.

Those two players are obviously big parts of what the Cowboys do on offense, but in my opinion, the player that is their most indispensable in 2014 is, starting running back DeMarco Murray.

I say that because of the moves that the Cowboys made in their last two Drafts. Let’s face it; one doesn’t draft two bulldozers in Travis Frederick and Zach Martin if the intent isn’t to run the ball more.

I should also add that over his career, Murray is averaging 4.9 yards per carry and over three receptions per game. Last season the Cowboys ranked among the best in run-blocking, and Murray averaged 5.2 yards per carry, which, if all goes well should be higher in 2014.

The way I see it, the Cowboys would benefit a lot more from doing things the old-school way. By that, I mean that just like they did in the 90’s, the Cowboys should line up and run the ball; run the ball till the cows come home.

Running the ball effectively will ultimately force teams to stack the box, and when that happens, go over the top to Bryant or any of the other pass-catching threats that the Cowboys will deploy. Not only that, but running the ball effectively would also help keep the defense fresh and off of the field, something that didn’t happen much in 2013 for whatever reason.

I should also add that the last time the Cowboys made the playoffs, it was on the strength of their running game, so I truly believe that Murray is the key to getting the Cowboys back in the playoffs.

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