Indianapolis Colts Training Camp Profile: Dwayne Allen

By Chris Pimentel
Indianapolis Colts, Dwayne Allen,
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

If Dwayne Allen plays a full season this year he will become a star. He will be mentioned in the same breathe at Jimmy Graham, Rob Gronkowski and Vernon Davis. The third year tight end out of Clemson missed all of last year with a hip injury. But when he is healthy he is a vital part of the Indianapolis Colts offense.

The thing that makes Allen so special is that he is able to do so much at such a high level and he fits perfectly with the offense. He is a great blocker and that should help improve the running game that the Colts want to establish. He can hold his own if he is asked to block a big linebacker. He can also be used in pass protection against the blitz and even chip defensive ends to help the tackles out. His blocking technique is excellent; he drives from the legs and locks his hands on the inside of the defender.

Allen can take advantage of slower linebackers too and beat them in the passing game. He has great hands and you rarely see him catch with his body. If Allen takes advantage of the linebackers in the passing game that will force the other team to use somebody who can match Allen’s speed. This would mean he would be blocking a lighter player and that gives the Colts the upper hand in the running game.

Allen may not put up Star Wars numbers like Graham or Gronk but his versatility is going to make him an elite player. Allen is going to give the Colts offense flexibility this year and that will allow them to do a lot more. He is a matchup nightmare for defensive coordinators. Everyone on the offense is going to benefit with Allen returning, and if he is healthy this year he will become a breakout star in the NFL.

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