Indianapolis Colts Training Camp Profile: Vick Ballard

By Chris Pimentel
Indianapolis Colts, Vick Ballard, 2014 NFL Season
Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts wanted to establish the run game last year. That didn’t go according to plan thanks to sub par offensive line play and poor vision at times with the running backs. Vick Ballard was not a part of that problem because of an ACL injury that he suffered early in the year.

Ballard is returning to a very crowded backfield and is going to have to work hard if he is going to see significant playing time. Trent Richardson is the odds on favorite to see the most playing time, while Ahmad Bradshaw should take over on passing downs.

Ballard had a solid rookie reason and was good in a lot of areas — not great, but good. That is not a bad thing but good probably wont get Ballard the playing time to really make an impact this year. He is a solid downhill runner but won’t break away from chasing defenders. He has great vision and because he is comfortable with the playbook he won’t be thinking as much when he runs. He doesn’t fumble the ball and won’t put the Colts in a bad position trying to fight for more yards.

If Ballard is called upon to play, the Colts offense won’t lose much and they would be comfortable enough to give him touches to help take the pressure off Richardson.

Ballard is not a difference maker but he is a solid player that can produce when called upon. There aren’t many holes in his game but there is nothing special about his game ether.

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