The Real Reason Why People Hate Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo

By Matt Banks
Tony Romo
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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is undoubtedly the most polarizing quarterback in the NFL. His numbers stack up favorably in the record books, but his record says he’s only slightly better than average. What has he done to bring all of these negative feelings about? The only conclusion I can draw is that most of America is jealous.

It’s okay, you don’t have to deny it anymore. Jealousy is a natural feeling as a human being and nothing to be ashamed of. In case you are blind to the fact that you’re jealous of Romo, let me expand on this thought a little further.

Let’s start with his career path. He’s the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, one of the most storied franchises in NFL history. He did this in an unconventional manner as an undrafted free agent. Many people have dreams of pursuing a professional sports career after their college days but only a few are capable. He’s living out many people’s dreams but don’t worry, no matter how many mistakes he might make you won’t be him. Sorry to shoot down the dreams of every out of shape, former high school quarterback who think they are better than half the NFL starters.

Second is his impressive dating resume. He’s dated former singers Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson, as well as his current wife, former Miss Oklahoma Candice Crawford. Admit it, you’ve fantasized about these women at some point, whether you were a young pimple-faced teen, or an old married married man far from his dating prime. You may think he’s a loser, but judging by these women, he must be doing something right.

Next, is his bank account. Romo singed a contract extension in 2013 which will pay him $108 million dollars over the next six years. It includes $55 million guaranteed with a $25 million dollar signing bonus.

What’s your annual salary again?

Those insane numbers make people wonder why this football player who carries around a mediocre label gets paid that much. Employees at our jobs don’t get rewarded like this for being average. It’s because he’s not. NFL players face incredible health risks and pressure each and every day. It takes a special kind of guy to make a professional sports roster, and he’s one of only 32 starters. He’s a pretty special talent that should be appreciated a little more.

Did I mention Tony is a scratch golfer?

Well he is and that’s another reason to be jealous. He’s good at two popular sports, except he does one in his spare time. He barely missed the cut for the U.S. Open on a couple of occasions. He’s been ridiculed for this in the past, but it’s really unwarranted. Many athletes golf in their spare time and not a word is mentioned about it. People are jealous of the fact he’s good at a game that is so difficult for them. Many think he needs to focus more on football, but he only plays in the offseason, so that logic is a little out there for me. Do you like to think about your job on the weekend or during a vacation? Please, get over yourself.

Lastly, Romo has a good reputation. He always carries a smile. I’m sure many people would like to wipe it off his face. I don’t have to mention names but there’s a laundry list of players who complain when they don’t get their way or have criminal records. Romo is committed to being a good teammate and leader. He’s always accountable for his actions and even accepts blame when things aren’t his fault because he realizes it’s his job to deflect criticism from teammates. It comes with the territory when players make the most money and play the most important position on the team. He has qualities that people strive to obtain and he wants to get better each day. People are simply jealous of his character and want to see him fail.

Your dreams and fantasies have been Tony Romo’s reality. You continue to wonder why he keeps getting all of these luxuries and it builds your jealousy even more. You’ll continue to bash him when he fails, but trust me I don’t think he’ll lose any sleep over it.

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