DeAngelo Hall is Kryptonite for Washington Redskins' Secondary

By Jason Bailey
DeAngelo Hall Washington Redskins
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins are playing musical chairs with DeAngelo Hall. After cutting the veteran CB on the eve of free agency to get below the NFL-mandated salary cap of $123 million, the team re-signed Hall to a new deal worth $20 million over four years.

Short-circuited intelligence just plagues everybody in the nation’s capitol. Only someone as smart as GM Bruce Allen would do something so stupid. Hall was the Redskins’ premier defensive back last season which isn’t saying much. The club’s defensive backfield ranked No. 20 against the pass and the pressing need for an overhaul in the secondary lingers, while the Redskins front office continues to shell out millions to an aging DB who has never really held his own in clutch situation against the league’s premier rival flankers. To his credit, Hall has had his moments, but they have been light years apart.

You won’t get an argument from him regarding the inconsistency of his play.

“The way I’m playing right now, they need to go cut me,” Hall acknowledged following a crushing loss to the Dallas Cowboys. “I can’t point a finger at anyone but myself. I’m definitely not worth what I’m getting.”

Tell me something I don’t know. Hall’s game has never really come close to being up to par. He’s an accident in the Redskins’ secondary waiting to happen. He is frequently smoked by the league’s foremost receivers and has been more of a liability in the secondary than clutch insurance coverage.

So Allen rewards Hall’s questionable defensive resume by issuing the aging DB encumbrance a contract extension? He must be mad. Whatever the grounds for this incredulous and ill-advised personnel maneuver, unless the club cuts Hall before its season opener, Redskins fans are staring down the barrel of a 2013 season — recycled.

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