Dallas Cowboys Don't Need Adrian Peterson

By Matt Banks
Adrian Peterson
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Rumors about Adrian Peterson‘s availability have resurfaced. The Dallas Cowboys continue to show some interest in landing the NFL‘s best running back. It’s obviously tempting to land Peterson since players with his skill set are not usually on the trade market. This move would create a lot of excitement in Dallas, but they simply don’t need Peterson.

Peterson is going to turn 31 years old this season. His recent injuries to his knee and groin are concerning. He’s a freak and his body has an incredible ability to heal quickly, but there’s no denying that his production is going to decline and it will likely happen sooner than later. Time catches up to all athletes, and football is more unforgiving on the human body than any other sport.

Why is Dallas in such a rush to get rid of DeMarco Murray?

Murray has been undervalued and disrespected from the moment he entered the league. He’s averaged over five yards per carry in two of his first three years in the league, and has never dropped below four yards per carry. He’s coming off his first Pro Bowl appearance and even holds a the single-game rushing record with 253 yards.

Add in the fact the Cowboys are undefeated (11-0) when he rushes 20 or more times, and it’s easy to see the problem has been the Cowboys’ play-calling and not Murray.

The most important thing Dallas must take into consideration is the asking price by the Minnesota Vikings. There’s no doubt they would like to rid themselves of the $44 million left on his deal, but the deal would likely include some hefty compensation by the way of young players or draft picks.

The Cowboys would likely have to mortgage their future for a player who might be on his last legs. He’s rushed 2,033 times through seven seasons, which is good for the 36th-most carries in NFL history. It’s tough to tell how much tread is left on those tires. The average career for a running back is just over three years, so he may actually be closer to the end of his career than his prime.

Peterson is a special talent, the likes of which we may never see again. The Cowboys would have to sacrifice a lot to bring in a guy who’s best years are behind him. I don’t think he’s worth sacrificing the future for and that’s exactly what the Cowboys would be doing in the process.

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