Minnesota Vikings' New Stadium: Team Chips In To Add 1,000 More TVs

By Andrew Fisher
Minnesota Vikings
Getty Images

Construction of the Minnesota Vikings‘ new stadium is well underway at this point. All of the hard fought battles to get the stadium approved are in the past, and it’s now just a matter of ironing out the details. As you would imagine when building a nearly $1 billion stadium ($977.5 million), there are plenty of details.

The latest and great addition to the Vikings’ new stadium will come in the form of more escalators and televisions. According to a report from the Pioneer Press, the team has ponied up all the funds (approx $1.3 million) to add six more escalators and 1,000 more TVs. That’s right, 1,000 more TVs.

In total there will now be 33 escalators, including 18 at the front entrance. It’s unknown how many total TVs will end up in the new stadium, but there will be at least 1,180. The extra money the Vikings just threw in will help to cover the construction cost of adding those TVs, not necessarily the cost of the TVs themselves.

But one way or another, the Vikings’ new home is going to amazing:

While fans eagerly await the completion of construction (two years out), the team is getting set for the first of two seasons at TCF Bank Stadium. Obviously it’s not ideal for an NFL team to play at a college stadium, but TCF is a bit of an exception considering that it’s just a few years old. It may not hold as many people as a typical NFL stadium, but you can bet that it’s a heck of a lot nicer than the average NFL stadium.

Aka, things could be much worse for the Vikings in 2014 and 2015.

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