Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant Will Benefit the Most From Scott Linehan

By Josh Bateman
Dez Bryant
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The addition of Scott Linehan to the Dallas Cowboys‘ often scrutinized coaching staff has left the team looking, at the very least, cluttered. While having so many different coaches responsible for and contributing to the offense may lead to conflict or confusion, Linehan still has a tremendous amount to offer the Cowboys.

The man who should be most excited to work with Linehan is Dez Bryant. Coming from the Detroit Lions, Linehan is fresh off working with one of the most dominant wide receivers the NFL has seen in years in Calvin Johnson. As unbelievable as Megatron has been, it is actually possible that he is not the best receiver that Linehan has worked with as his resume also includes Randy Moss and Torry Holt. 

Very few people have the privilege of working with the kind of wide receiver talent as Linehan has, and now Bryant gets to be the beneficiary of all that experience.

After being drafted by the Cowboys Bryant was almost immediately the best wideout on the team. With Roy Williams and Miles Austin highlighting the wideouts that Bryant was able to look up to, it becomes clear that Bryant has never had the privilege of working with the caliber of receivers that Linehan has. Jason Witten has been a great leader for Bryant to look up to on the offensive side of the ball. However, the fact that they play different positions limits how much Witten has to offer for Bryant.

After showing tremendous growth and maturity over the past couple seasons, Bryant has become one of the offensive leaders on the Cowboys. Now after he never had a top tier receiver to look up to, he has the opportunity to serve that same purpose for the new and young receivers on the Cowboys, including Terrence Williams who showed tremendous potential last season.

Bryant’s talent and ability on the field is unquestionable and speaks for itself. Having Linehan on the coaching staff can make up for Bryant’s never having a great wideout to mentor him.

Linehan has had tremendous success with wide receivers and is one of the better options to optimize the ridiculous talent that is the model for the rest of the Cowboys’ receivers. Linehan provides Bryant with a great mentor that should be able to teach him how to be a great leader.

Even though his contract is up soon, the Cowboys are certainly expected to re-sign Bryant and keep him on the Cowboys for the foreseeable future. Linehan’s experience combined with Bryant’s talent has the potential to create one of the most dominant forces in the NFL, both on and off the field. With Witten and, a little more down the line, even Tony Romo nearing the final stages of their careers, Bryant can emerge as the top player and the top leader on the Cowboys who can maintain offensive success for years to come.

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